Leffingwell FUN RUN

Dear Family & Friends,
Last year… on top of the general PTA budget that covers field trip transportation (did you know that buses cost thousands?), AR and special experiences for each grade level, PTA purchased a green screen & state of the art technology for our students!
This year… beyond helping with field trips, special activities for every grade level (gold rush, science fair, blizzard day), assemblies and hands on, high tech learning experiences, our students will run to raise money for a library renovation and BMX Kindness rally!
  • Students will run amidst BIG bubbles and cheering families!
  • Please collect FLAT pledges in attached envelope & go to leffingwell.myfunrun.com & then share on social media!
  • Laps will be tallied as students run so they can show family and friends how they did!
  • Turn in envelopes on Fun Run day!
Thank you for your support!
Donate online @ leffingwell.myfunrun.com