QUESTION: What time does school get out each day?
ANSWER: Click here for our Bell Schedule.
QUESTION: Where can I get a copy of the school calendar?
ANSWER: Click here to view our online school calendar. Please note that our online calendar is always the most up-to-date as changes may occur during the year.
QUESTION: What is the best way to get updates about what is happening at Leffingwell?
ANSWER: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  You can also visit us online at www.leffingwellschool.com.  In addition, regularly check your child's backpack or ask for school papers.  Flyers typically always go home explaining an upcoming event.
QUESTION: What is the best way to communicate with my child's teacher?
ANSWER: Check with your child's teacher to figure out their preferred method of communication (phone, email, letters, stop by at the start/end of day, etc...). You can call the office (562-907-6300) anytime to be connected with their voicemail or click here for a list of teacher emails. 
QUESTION: What are the office hours?
ANSWER: Monday - Friday from 7:30am - 4:00pm
QUESTION: Are there Parent or Student Handbooks with school information?
ANSWER: Yes, there are! Click here to view them.
QUESTION: When does kindergarten registration begin?
ANSWER: Kindergarten registration typically begins in late January/early February. All registration is done online. You can access the enrollment link under our FAMILY RESOURCES tab. Click here to view our kindergarten page with lots of information and upcoming events for incoming kindergarten students and parents.
QUESTION: I really want my child to attend Leffingwell, but we don't live in the attendance area. Is it still possible to attend?
ANSWER: Yes, you just need to apply for a permit (inter/intra). Permits are accepted based on grade level availability according to board policy. Click here for specific information about obtaining a permit to attend Leffingwell Elementary School.
QUESTION: If my child currently attends Leffingwell on a permit, do I need to do anything to continue on permit the next school year?
ANSWER: If your child is currently in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade, you DO NOT need to complete anything to continue at Leffingwell next school year other than meet the conditions of the permit in regards to attendance, behavior, and academics.  However, if your child is currently in 5th grade, you must complete a NEW PERMIT if you want to attend a middle school that is different than your middle school of residence.  Click HERE to visit the EWCSD Enrollment Hub online. 
QUESTION: What does it mean when I hear people say that Leffingwell has gone digital?
ANSWER: It means that we will be using less paper and instead posting things on social media, our website, and parent portal. Some examples are:
  • Summer Welcome Back Letter will not be mailed home during the summer. It will be emailed out and available online in late July.
  • 3rd-5th grade STATE TEST results will not be mailed home. Results will be available during the summer on PARENT PORTAL.
  • Class Lists will not be posted outside the office the day before school starts. You will need to log into PARENT PORTAL the day before school starts @ 4pm to see who your new teacher is.
  • Report Cards will not be sent home with students. They will be available through PARENT PORTAL after each trimester.
QUESTION: How do I access PARENT PORTAL to view my child's report card, etc...?
ANSWER: Visit www.ewcsd.org/parents and log-in with your email/password.  Give us a call or stop by the office if you have trouble accessing your account.
QUESTION: How do I view my child's report card?  They never brought one home.
ANSWER: Reports cards are only available through Parent Portal starting in the 2019-2020 school year.  Visit www.ewcsdportal.com and log in with your email/password to view your child's report card.
Log in screen:
QUESTION: What documents are needed to enroll my child at Leffingwell?
ANSWER: Click here for a list of needed documents.
QUESTION: Is there before and after school daycare available at Leffingwell?
ANSWER: Yes, it is available through the WYN Club and Options Program. The WYN Club is available after school only for 2nd - 5th grade. The Options Program is available before and after school for Kindergarten - 5th grade. For specific information, availability, pricing, and sign-ups you need to contact those organizations directly.
  • WYN Club - (562) 567-9450
  • Options Program - (626) 284-9935
QUESTION: Are there any extra-curricular after school enrichment classes offered at Leffingwell?
ANSWER: Yes, various after school enrichment classes are offered year round on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays immediately after school at Leffingwell.  Classes include: Chess Masters, Comic Creators, Spotlight Improv, Piano, Art, School Musical Performance, Robot Workshop, Sports World, Rocket Science, and Stop-Motion Animation. 
QUESTION: Is there a list of school supplies that my child needs at Leffingwell?
ANSWER: We provide all the supplies that are needed for your child at Leffingwell. However, if you would like to donate items, it is greatly appreciated. Supply donations help offset costs throughout the year so we can continue to provide above and beyond activities for our students that bring learning to life! Our updated supplies list is available each summer for families that would like to donate.
QUESTION: Where can I find information about the food program (breakfast & lunch) at Leffingwell?
ANSWER: Click here for online access to the Nutrition Services Department. It contains school menus, meal prices, etc...  You can also contact the Leffingwell office with specific questions by calling (562) 907-6300. 
QUESTION: I would really like my child to have a specific teacher. Is it possible to request a teacher by name?
ANSWER: The principal and teachers give careful consideration to the formation of classes each year. If you feel your child has a need which should be considered, please complete a STUDENT NEEDS FORM. The form is available in the office each year during the month May. The purpose of the form is not to identify a specific teacher, but rather to detail a particular academic, social, or emotional need of an individual student that you would like taken into consideration as classes are formed. Due to the complex nature of class scheduling, we are unable to take teacher requests by name.