Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE)
The GATE program of the East Whittier City School District is designed to provide students with appropriately challenging learning experiences and to assist them with the achievement of academic excellence.
Our GATE students receive differentiated instruction within their regular classroom.  In addition, they participate in a pullout program that is designed to provide enriching and challenging experiences in a stimulating environment.
Students must qualify for our GATE program by taking a standardized test and showing academic excellence in their classroom.  Students are able to initially test for our GATE program during their 3rd grade year.
English Learner Program (EL)
Our EL students receive high quality first instruction within their regular classroom.  Additional assistance is available under the direction of our Intervention Specialist and EL Instructional Assistant for students that need extra support. 
Our EL students take the ELPAC test in the fall, are monitored throughout the year, and can be reclassified if they meet the criteria.
Leopard Learning Time Intervention Program
Students can be referred to our Leopard Learning Time Intervention Program by teachers if they show a need for additional support beyond what is available in their regular classroom.  Under the direction of our Intervention Specialists (Language Arts & Mathematics), students participate in an intensive small group Language Arts or Mathematics pullout program.  Student progress is monitored closely and students can be exited from the program, given additional time in the program, or referred for an SST (Student Study Team) meeting.    
After School Enrichment Classes
Various after school enrichment classes are offered year round on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays immediately after school at Leffingwell.  Classes include: Chess Masters, Comic Creators, Spotlight Improv, Piano, Art, Spring Musical Performance, Robot Workshop, Sports World, Rocket Science, & Stop-Motion Animation. ***Please Note: Our after school enrichment classes are currently on hold due to restrictions.***
Before & After School Day Care
The WYN Club is available after school only for 2nd - 5th grade. The Options Program is available before and after school for Kindergarten - 5th grade. For specific information, availability, pricing, and sign-ups you need to contact those organizations directly.
  • WYN Club - (562) 567-9450
  • Options Program - (626) 284-9935