Thanks for another GREAT year @ Leffingwell!

Dear Parents,

Report cards are available on our Parent Portal beginning Wednesday, June 2nd.  In order to access grades:  (1.) Go to  (2.) Log in with your email/password  (3.) Click GRADES  (4.) Click REPORT CARD HISTORY  (5.) You can then click link to access PDF of report card. 

I am so grateful for our Leffingwell community and that your family is a part of it.  Thank you so much for all the sacrifices your family had to make to get through this school year successfully.  We couldn’t have made it without your daily support.  It was definitely a year that we will always remember.  I look forward to the fall and school looking more like it did before the whole COVID-19 situation.  We will be back 5 days per week in person with our regular bell schedule.  We will finalize all the details as California continues to open up during the summer.  

Summer is a great time for children to rest and relax!  However, I encourage you to also look for ways to promote learning during the summer months so that information learned during the school year is not lost.  All it takes is 15 minutes a day of reading or engaging in a fun literacy activity to keep the mind active.  In fact, I challenge all our students to participate in the Principal’s Summer Reading Challenge (form attached).  Another great opportunity is to get involved with the Whittier Public Library Summer Reading Challenge, which begins June 7th.  You can join and start logging your reading by visiting  

In addition, below are a few simple tips to keep learning alive over the summer:

  • READ READ READ! Don’t forget to complete Dr. Blackwell’s Summer Reading Challenge form.
  • TAKE LEARNING WITH YOU! Look for ways to incorporate learning into family outings.
  • PLAY OUTSIDE! Something so simple yet it lets kids use their imagination, explore the outdoors, and it’s also great to get some Vitamin D & fresh air!
  • CRAFTS & COLORING! Allows children to practice hand-eye coordination and use their creative minds (not to mention, it’s just FUN!).
  • MATH FACT FUN! Create your own math flash cards and practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division.  See how fast you can get!

Thank you for your ongoing support of Leffingwell!  I am so grateful for the amazing parent involvement we have had at Leffingwell through the years and look forward to seeing our awesome parents back on campus again next year.  On behalf of the entire staff, have a wonderful and relaxing summer!  Most importantly, I hope you are able to spend quality time doing things together as a family!  We would love to see what you are up to by participating in our Summer T-Shirt Challenge.  All you need to do is take a picture wearing your Leffingwell t-shirt and email to or DM the Leffingwell Instagram account.  Please keep in mind that school resumes on Tuesday, August 10th.  


Dr. Blackwell